Professional Paella Pan with Oven Safe Lid – Kitchen Cookware –Non Stick – PFOA Free – Ceramic Nonstock Coating – Induction Electric Oven Gas BBQ Grill Safe (Blue)


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🥘 A Good Pan, A Table of Good Food. die Cast Aluminium (Light Weight) With Durable Non Stick Granite Coating Easy & Fast Cleaning. Low Fat Cooking for Healthy Conscious Consumer. Sturdy Heat Insulated Bottom for Perfect Heat Conduction and Guaranteed Energy Saving

🍳 HOB Compatibility – Suitable for all. Kind of hobs, including Induction, Gas Electric, Halogen, Gas, Ceramic, Stone, Oven Safe. Dish Washer safe.

🥘 A Shallow cooking Vessel used for all kind of cooking that require a wide, flat surface will do well, use it for searing steaks, chicken cutlets, fish fillets and roasts; as a griddle for pancakes and other breakfast treats; for stir-frying in place of wok; as a stand-in for a roasting pan even for cooking over a campfire as hot plate.

🥘 DETACHABLE HANDLES: -The Robust Silicon Handles Make it More Convenient to Transfer the Pan direct from one Heat Source to Another, Easy Carrying OVEN TO TABLE. Suitable for All Heat Sources & Hobs, Induction, Electric and OVEN, Enjoy Rick Authentic Mediterranean Flavours No Passport Required. Invite Your Friends Round For Spanish-Style Home Cooked Food OR Use it To Make Mouth Watering Risottos, Chillies, Curries or Casseroles.

🥘 POP IT IN THE OVEN – Our Non-stick Paella Pan is oven-safe. Whip up your favourite baked dishes in this Aluminium Pan without worrying about the oven melting the material. Silicon Handles are provided to move Paella from hob to oven to Dinner Table Directly.



It’s difficult to perfect dishes when food keeps sticking to the pan while you cook. Imagine this – it’s the perfect evening and you had planned to make your family’s favourite paella for dinner. You bring out your ingredients and finish the painstaking food prep. Then, a kitchen nightmare starts to unravel as the rice starts sticking to the pan. Some of it gets burnt while other portions remain undercooked. You don’t know if you’ll be more bewildered or upset. Tragic, isn’t it? Although it’s fairly common to find ourselves in sticky situations in the kitchen from time to time, it’s something that can definitely be avoided. All you need is a reliable non-stick pan! Say goodbye to paella problems and other cooking fails with the INTIGNIS Paella Pan or Frying Pan! Neither will you have to keep replacing your pans. Offering value for your money, our non-stick frying pan has been designed for maximum durability. It’s also made of food-grade material – no harmful chemical coatings that could potentially make food unsafe. We’ve included a glass-lid that’s just as durable as the pan – perfect for when you’re using this versatile pan for frying, oven-roasting, baking, or broiling. Here are more reasons to have our pan in your kitchen: ✅36cm wide, 5.05cm deep ✅Non-porous surface ✅Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean ✅Suitable for gas, induction, or electric stove ✅Won’t absorb smells or react to food It’s time to avoid sticky situations in the kitchen. Add the INTIGNIS Paella Pan or Frying Pan to your cart TODAY!


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