1. Health and Safety

The health and safety of our people and partners always come first. It is managed as a principal risk, emphasizing the critical importance of ensuring the well-being of everyone in our workplaces.

We conduct annual health and safety weeks in all our countries to build knowledge and capabilities and strengthen our employees’ awareness about health and safety. For example, in 2020 our internal health and safety campaigns provided helpful information addressing stress at work, machine safeguarding, ergonomics, and warehouse traffic safety.

2. Management Systems

We have identical advanced planning systems across all markets allowing real-time information, cross-country coordination, optimization, and remote work from any location. Digital cockpits allow online performance reviews, measurements, and monitoring of key trends in the supply chain area.

We have also invested and fully implemented an advanced multi-echelon inventory optimization tool. It supports managing increasing supply chain risks due to economic uncertainty, customer expectations, and demand volatility. Enhancing inventory in multiple stages allows for reinforcing service levels while optimizing working capital.

In the area of demand forecasting, we will introduce machine learning algorithms to enhance the commercial planning processes. The level of accuracy, transparency and replicability of this technology is improving continuously, and we plan to expand our capabilities and tools in this area in order to advance our end-to-end planning optimization from supplier to consumer.

3. Environment

Comply with environmental laws: Green House Ware House strictly complies with the environmental laws of each host country.

Operating with environmental responsibility: Green House Ware House takes measures to protect and reduce the environmental impact of production, storage, transportation, logistics, and waste disposal activities throughout the lifecycle of products and services; conserve and utilize natural resources effectively; avoid the use of restricted, hazardous and hazardous substances in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Green House Ware House raises awareness of environmental responsibility for all employees and subcontractors.

4. Ethical Behavior

Conduct business in accordance with correctness, honesty, integrity, transparency, and strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Provide complete and accurate information in accordance with the law and be ready for inspection upon request.

Treat competitors within the framework of fair competition.

Do not fraudulently or improperly seek confidential information from or about competitors

Refrain from any actions that cause conflicts and/or conflicts of interest.

Does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of other parties.

Protect customers’ confidential information and do not abuse this information for personal benefit or for the benefit of other parties.

Establish a complaints system and process in which stakeholders can make complaints and take appropriate measures while keeping complainants’ information confidential.

5. Labor rights

Adjust policies and business models to deliver better quality jobs for workers.

Better align business processes with policy

Strengthen the supply chain due diligence process to take account of people’s vulnerability to speak out.

Work with others to promote scalable ways to realize rights and increase collective leverage

Integrate into the Sustainable Living Plan and/or public reporting process measurable targets for labor rights and job quality.

6. Responsible and Sustainable Material and Commodity Sourcing

Green House Ware House has always been in business based on responsibility to consumers. That is the key to the sustainability of the business.

Green House Ware House is always looking for and cooperating with reputable suppliers in the market. All products have clear origin and origins.

Green House Ware House conducts audits of all crucial suppliers for its product brands. The audits are announced. Green House Ware House takes action upon discovery of violations, including requesting a prompt redress of alleged violations, and corrective actions, as well as the potential for termination of the supplier relationship in the event of violations or failure to adequately remedy violations.