Flameking 30 lb. Empty Propane Cylinder


  • Safety first – Flame King tanks are Pre-purged vacuum ready for filling with LP gas – they are x-ray and hydro-static tested plus Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC) certified
  • High quality – each tank is constructed from high grade welded steel and powder coated for long lasting durability
  • Premium valve – Premium OPD (overfilling prevention device) valve assembly which is required by law in most States. If your tank doesn’t have this, most places won’t fill it!
  • Leading the industry – Flame King, a leader in propane storage solutions, prides itself on making the highest quality, premium, refillable propane tanks on the market. From 1lb up to 420lb tanks, we’ve got you covered
  • Suit your needs – While the 20 lb tank is ideal for grills and barbecues, the larger 30 lb and 40 lb tanks also have a standard-size connection valve and will connect as easily as smaller tanks. All work well with RVs or trailers, propane tank attachable heaters and other accessories


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