Worx WG050 Aerocart Multi-function 2-Wheeled Yard Cart Dolly Wheelbarrow




The Aerocart specializes in making enormous jobs manageable. Hold up to 300 lbs and move it from one place to the next with much less effort than a normal wheelbarrow would require. It’s an 8-function yard cart, with available accessories to add even more functionality. If you would generally need a second person to help you do landscaping projects, like moving rocks or large potted plants, the Aerocart has come to your rescue. Its innovative design lets you zip around the yard like a gardening superhero.

  • Highly versatile lifting and moving work system device instantly converts from wheelbarrow to dolly and more
  • Flat-free tires never need inflating
  • Patented design adjusts center of gravity for a balanced and easy-to-manage load
  • Alsso works as an extended dolly, flower pot mover, trailer mover, bag holder, and cylinder holder
  • Included flower pot strap, cylinder holder, bag holder, and rock holder strap


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