Member‘s Mark White Plastic Spoons (600 Ct.)




These plastic spoons are strong enough to handle a variety of dining environments. And because they’re disposable, they make clean-up easy. These utensils come in a bulk count of 600, so they’re ideal for parties. Store them at home or in an office to have enough on hand. Use these white plastic spoons for serving desserts like ice cream, pudding or flan. They’re excellent for rice dishes and chili, as well as for spreads. Bring them to picnics, luncheons, neighborhood barbecues and family get-togethers.

Great for Food Service Operations

These Member’s Mark White Plastic Spoons are terrific for restaurants, caterers, cafeterias, lunchrooms and other facilities that serve food. Since they’re disposable, there’s no need to spend valuable time washing them. These spoons are also wonderful to put in bags for takeout orders. Paired them with other Member’s Mark plastic tableware, such as forks and knives.


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