Garmin Striker 4 Dual Beam Transducer – 010-01550-00



Map fishing expeditions with ease with the Garmin striker 4 0 10-01550-00. With easy-to-use controls and sensitive GPS, it will help find the fish in several depths and water types. The Garmin FishFinder keeps track of waypoints and routes with other striker and echo map combos. This allows you to share these routes with others. This product can also mark and help return you to areas that were hot spots for fish. It can also help you return back to your boat ramp or dock. The marine FishFinder provides uninterrupted imagery when switching between depth range scales. The GPS has a sonar history rewind option, so you can scroll back and mark waypoints that may have been missed. The Garmin product also has a built-in flasher and displays speed rates. This item can help and be an ideal tool for avid fishermen.

  • An easy-to-use 3.5″ FishFinder with built-in, high-sensitivity GPS
  • Find fish marks and return to hot spots, docks, and ramps
  • Convenient keypad operation
  • Includes chirp (77/200 kHz) sonar transducer, transmit power (200 W RMS), and (1,600 W peak-to-peak)
  • Upgrade to high-performance chirp with a GT8 or GT15 transducer


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