E27 LED Garage Light Bulb 28W Deformable Ceiling Fixture Lights Workshop Lamp


Type: Lamp Bulb
Color: White
Material: ABS, Aluminum, Plastic
Voltage: 265 V


●【Bright White Light】: 6500K daylight, making it brighter than common lights or bulbs. Light comes from the center as well as 4 pedals. A single bulb can be replaced with this fancy light contraption and it really brightened up the room.
●【Adjustable Panels】: The LED garage light is designed with four adjustable LED wings, which can be folded up to 90 degrees, and there is a circular downward-facing light just as you like. Being able to bend the arms of the bulb to flood darker areas of the room with light is very useful, bringing a huge amount of light.
●【Easy to Install 】: The LED garage ceiling light is easy to install, just screwed it into the light socket (typical, normal American light socket) and it was so bright. This also comes with an extension that allows you to drop the light a few inches down from the socket.
●【 Wide Application】: It’s perfect garage lighting. The fantastic light source for lighting dark basement and laundry room.Can be used in large supermarkets, homes, garages, etc.
●【High Quality and Long Life】: The led basement light is made of superior PC. LED bulb comes equipped with diffusing PC lampshade that gives off soft light. Stable and durable performance.

Light color: Cold White
Input voltage: 85-265V
Material: PC
Beam angle: 180 degrees
Color temperature: 6500K (cold white)
Power: 28W
Applicable places: supermarket, indoor, garage, outdoor, workshop, etc.

Packing list:
2x Deformable Lamp


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