DURA-LIFT Garage Door Hardware Installation Kit for 16′ by 7′ Doors


16′ x 7′ Door

Color Silver, White
Material Nylon
Style Modern
Item Weight 23.25 Pounds


About this item

  • HEAVY DUTY GARAGE PARTS – high quality parts to ensure smooth, lasting door operation
  • COMPLETE INSTALLATION KIT – convenient all-in-one package for both new and old doors
  • IMPROVE DOOR PERFORMANCE – thicker gauge hinges and nylon rollers and more will quiet loud doors and support the weight of heavier doors
  • UNIVERSAL FIT – standard hardware that fits a variety of door sizes, weights, and manufacturers
  • 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY – warranted against defects or failures for one year from the purchase date
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    Improve Your Garage Door

    A complete, heavy-duty hardware kit for new or old doors, the DURA-LIFT Garage Door Hardware Installation Kit (for 16 ft. x 7 ft. doors) comes with everything you need to improve the performance of your garage door.

    dura lift hardware kit installation repair parts replace

    Complete All-in-One Kit

    Hardware Included: 10 x 11-ball Nylon Rollers, 11 x #1 Hinges (14-Gauge), 2 x #2 Hinges (14-Gauge), 2 x #3Hinges (14-Gauge), 2 x Top Brackets, 2 x Bottom Brackets, 2 x #5 Door Jamb, 2 x #6 Door Jamb, 2 x Flag Brackets, 2 x End Bearing Plates, 2 x Drums, 2 x 8 ft. Lift Cables, 2 x Lift Handles, 1 x Center Support Bracket, 1 x Plastic Center Support. Fasteners Included: 90 x Self-Tapping Screws (7/16 in. – 20 tpi x 1 in.), 20 x Lag Screws (7/16 in. x 2 in. HH),16 x Carriage Bolts (1/4 in. – 20 tpi x 5/8 in.), 12 x Tap Nuts / Bolts (5/16 in. x 7/16 in. head x 1 in.), 6 x Carriage Nuts / Bolts (3/8″ – 16 tpi x 1″), 4 x Lag Screws (7/16″ x 2.5″ HH), 2 x Tap Nuts / Bolts (3/8″ x 9/16 head x 1.5″).

    dura lift hardware installation kit


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