DCE512B 20V MAX Li-Ion 11″ Jobsite Fan (Tool Only) New



Product details

Important information
5 watts

Bulb Voltage
20 volts

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From the manufacturer

About Us
See why millions of professionals choose. From our history and proven performance to our focus on innovation and technology. From 1922 to present day continues to design and optimize professional jobsite solutions – tools, accessories and service – to ensure absolute confidence for the toughest conditions. Every innovation we make is driven by a desire to increase performance, ease of use, or productivity. From technology used in space exploration and aircraft to incorporating Bluetooth technology into our products stays at the forefront of jobsite innovation.

Product Description
This upgraded fan offers a powerful, concentrated air flow for enhanced jobsite use. Add it to your 20V MAX system of tools. Stand it up, hang it, or mount it where you need, so it is not in the way. Plus, it offers variable speed control, so you can set the power you want.

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