Blutex Small Dispenser with 50 Ultimate Chlorine Tablets 20g


Top quality Blu Line Pool Products Chemicals simple easy to use suitable for pools and spas 50x20g multifunctional chlorine tablets small floating chlorine dispenser included top quality floating dispenser



Small swimming pool or spa floating chlorine dispenser with 50 x 20g Multi-functional tablets keep your pool or spa clean! These super tablets work well Helps prevent algae and improves the clarity of your water. Provides a constant chlorine dose. Reduces the amount of algaecide and flocculent you use. Contains Cyanuric Acid (stabiliser) so it won’t be broken down by the sunlight. Place into floating dispenser, 1 tablet per 4,500 lts (1,000 gallons) of water. If you have an in ground pool place tablets(s) into skimmer baskets. · Floating dispensers must be removed from the pool when pool in use. · Tablets must never be put directly into the pool as they will damage the liner. FULL INSTRUCTIONS LABEL SUPPLIED WITH EVERY PURCHASE


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