1″x300′ coil PEX Tubing Blue Certified Non-Barrier Htg/Plbg/Potable Water




Product Description
  • 300 ft PEX Tubing: This is a robust PEX-b tubing with superb quality for home and commercial hot & cold water plumbing projects. It can be used as an open-loop radiant floor heating system to distribute water temperature between -40℉ to 203℉. Easy to install and with good flexibility to suit different needs.
  • 1″ PEX Tubing: Made of industrial-level cross-linked polyethylene, this PEX piping is flexible and distributes heat evenly. A smooth surface is dustproof and accelerates the heating speed to save energy.
  • Non-leaking Design: Our PEX water line is resistant to a high or low temperature to avoid leakage. Dual-use as radiant heating tubes or potable water pipes require no maintenance after fully assembled for labor-saving.
  • 7″ Bending Radius: Expanding and shrinking with temperature changes and supporting freeze resistance function, this PEX pipe kit is with min.7″ bending radius(industry standard for 1″ pipe) and excellent flexibility.
  • Tube Cutter & Clamps: A professional PEX tubing cutter is ideal for clean & straight cuts of 300 ft PEX tube into various lengths. Come with 10 PCs of metal clamps to help fix the pipes, and the tightness can be adjusted randomly.
  • Quick Connections: Our flexible pex hose can be connected in many ways: Crimp connection system(crimp tool + rings + fittings); Cinch (clamp) connection system; Press system(by Viega); Compression PEX Fittings. The coupler is not included.
  • Diverse Use Scenarios: Suitable for many types of floors, such as (non-) structural concrete slabs; staple-up (between joists) radiant floor heat; “Sandwich” type radiant heating; Snow & ice melting systems, etc.
  • Type: PEX Tube (Non-Oxygen Barrier)
  • Total Length: 300 ft/91.4 m
  • Nominal Diameter: 1″/2.54 cm
  • Inside Diameter: 0.87″/2.22 cm
  • Outside Diameter: 1.13″/2.87 cm
  • Temperature Range: -40℃ to 95℃/-40℉ to 203℉
  • Pressure Rate: 80 psi @ 200F, 100 psi @ 180F, 160 psi @ 73F By PPI
  • Min.Bending Radius: 7″/17.8 cm
  • Tube Weight: 50.7 lbs/23 kg
  • ANSI/NSF 14, ANSI/NSF61, NSF-Pw (certified for radiant heating applications)
  • UPC Listed by IAPMO
  • SDR-9 Dimensional Standards
  • 1 x 300ft PEX Tube (Blue)
  • 1 x PEX Pipe Cutter
  • 10 x Steel Clamps
【RELIABLE PEX-B MATERIAL】- Color: Blue; Nominal Diameter: 1″/2.54 cm; Total Length: 300 ft/91.4 m; Built with excellent PEX material, this non-barrier PEX pipe is waterproof, non-leaking and dustproof without maintenance. Fit for potable water or radiant floor water projects and provide quick hot or cold water flows constantly.
【SUPERB SEALING DESIGN】- Compatible water temperature: -40℃ to 95℃/-40℉ to 203℉. This non-broken 1″ PEX tube can tackle different weather circumstances, no matter the high or low temperature, to ensure the integrity and secure use for longer life expectancy.
【EXCELLENT FLEXIBILITY】- Design with min.7″ bending radius, this PEX radiant heat tubing is easy to bend for the different ground situation. Pressure rate: 80 psi @ 200℉, 100 psi @ 180℉, 160 psi @ 73℉. PEX-b material ensures its crack & leakage-proof features.
【QUICK INSTALLATION & CUTTER】- It can be installed with different connection systems & floor types, such as Crimp Connection System, Cinch (clamp) Connection System, Press System, Compression PEX Fittings. It includes a PEX cutter and ten clamps, so you don’t waste any time shopping around.
【HOME & COMMERCIAL USE】- Our flexible PEX line is suitable for hot & cold water projects such as indoor or outdoor hydronic radiant heating, washing machines, snow melting driveways, H20 connections, solar heating, etc.


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