12 Inch Variable Shutter Exhaust Fan Wall Mounted With Speed Controller 1800CFM


About  the item:

  • MULTIPURPOSE:KEN BROWN 12 Inch Shutter Exhaust Fan is perfect for removing heat, moisture, dust and unpleasant odors from any residential ,commercial, industrial or agricultural space. Ideal for use in home attic, workshops, welding rooms, factories, warehouses, barns, and greenhouses.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT: This 12 exhaust fan is made with high-grade aluminum shutters and blades which can withstand moisture and high temperature and provide longevity to the fan and prevent corrosive rust from forming.
  • AUTOMATIC ALUMINUM SHUTTERS: This wall mounted exhaust fan includes automatic gravity shutters that open and close with the operation of the fan.
  • SPEED CONTROLLER: Provided a variable speed controller which will correctly and precisely adjust 70% to 100% speed of your Shutter Exhaust Fan .Comes with clear directions on the user manual, so it is very easy to connect with the speed controller and install on the wall.
  • SUPERIOR AIRFLOW TRANSFER: You will enjoy the power and efficiency of KEN BROWN 12 inch shutter exhaust fan which runs 120 volts ,60Hz with 1650 rotations per minute,10.5M/S ,cooling and ventilating an area of 1800 cubic feet per minute!


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